Monday, November 14, 2011

Fall/October-December Issue was mailed the weekend of 11/12/2011

Since this blog is an experiment, we'll keep it simple to start. It is an open blog, in that anyone can post without having to sign in or have a password, even people who have not read the issue or are not members of OPF. If at any point this becomes an issue due to random or inappropriate posts, we'll make it a members only blog. Leaving the blog open allows visitors to read what we're up to and even find their way to our website to read the latest issue and come back to post, or maybe even join OPF. The rules are simple: please comment only on the latest issue of In Communion and its contents and leave your first name and last initial. Other forums exist for discussions of various types. Our desire here is merely to extend the opportunity to think, share, and discuss what is in the journal (or what could or should be, in the future). Thank you for your participation, and it is our hope that this blog in some small way extends the peace of Christ as all of our efforts through the Orthodox Peace Fellowship are intended to do.

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  1. Today I received my copy as a gift from a friend, and have now been introduced to an organization I've previously only heard about. (I am relatively new to the Orthodox Church.) This is a both a beautiful and worthy journal. I look forward to learning much more about the OPF. James T.